Camping At Ranichauri An Incredible Experience

Ranichauri camp located just 60 kms from Rishikesh that is situated close to chamba and is around 5500 feet high located at New Tehri. These camps are famous for the scenery of the apple orchards along with plum, apricot and other fruits. They are surrounded with the chirping of the birds all around the pine tree leaves and there is even the sound of the river flowing down the mountains are heard at this place. This camp is having a spectacular vision with snow capped peak that is visible on any clear day. The other side of this camp is having tehri, dhanolti and mussorie in the distance.

Significance of this camp:-

The significance of this ranichauri camps is in this camp you can experience the adventure of staying in a camp which is provided with a deluxe stay with the nature and have got attached bathroom with attached bathrooms. The most interesting thing about the camp is it even provides with good food and water tanks and even the electricity is available for 24 hours in this camp.

The specialty of this camp is it provides the adventures like that of rock climbing, rappelling, mountain trek, painting, visit to the village. This camp is a great fun for people of all age like that of families, individuals and corporate. This place is even the best to enjoy the holidays and wipe out the tensions of life. These camps are full of adventures and are made to enjoy the nature from the nearest view.

How adventurous are these camps?

These camps are quite exciting as they are full of excitement and treasure. In these ranichauri camps that are very exciting and have many entertaining games and sports that are organized to entertain and make the camps more exciting. These camps are established on the base of the valleys that will give the feel of the nature very near to the heart and soul. The flow of the river, the chirping of the bird, the rippling of leaves that are quite frequently observed here.

Other than these are the outdoor and the indoor games that are been organized frequently to entertain the people who come to enjoy this camp. These camps are full of adventure and excitement that are added up with the trekking, rafting, sight view and many more. These camps are like an add up to the excitement of the trip. To enjoy the real adventure it is very much important to stay in these camps rather than anywhere else to get a perfect enjoyment of the real adventure.

These camps bring the people near to the nature and understand how the Mother Nature is putting its effort to beautify this world. The rivers, the valley the forests, the fauna and peaks of the snowy mountain. Itís really would be a great time to enjoy the time at these camps to have fun filled vacations.